About us

About Us

VCARE offers a wide variety of Surgical products and equipments to help individuals and businesses located in India and overseas to overcome the challenges of this pandemic and reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The company has invested into the INDIAN MADE SURGICAL MASK EQUIPMENT and machinery . The location of our factory is coimbatore .

We trade wide range of other Reusable masks such as:

  • 1) Covid rapid test kits,
  • 2) Ventilators,
  • 3) Wide-variety of masks of the best quality and design (N95,SM1,MF1,FM1).
  • 4) Surgical Mask 3 ply ( VCARE BRAND )


Since 2006, our company's key competitive advantage includes a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing, logistics, shipping, chartering and local and international trade.

The vast amount of collected experience accentuates our commitment to meeting delivery deadlines promptly and delivering nothing but the best-quality products to your doorstep. As with the aforementioned point, Vcare has achieved certifications across various governmental and standard-setting bodies to express our mission to meeting the highest standards, including, but not limited to:

  • 1) Product approval by CE (Europe)
  • 2) ISO 9000
  • 3) ISO 14001
  • 4) FDA for USA
  • 5) SITRA for India


Our vision is to make a difference in our state and to help match supply with the exponential growth in demand for masks. With our vast experience in shipping, we intend to use our logistical expertise to ensure anyone and everyone in India has access to affordable and quality products specific to overcoming the challenges of Covid-19.


Our certifications

Our equipment capacity is 5 million PCs approx per month.

We set high quality standard for our 3 ply surgical mask . Our own product specs is :

  • Bacteria filteration > = 98%(F2101)

  • Particle filteration > = 98%(F2299)

  • Air permiability > = 2 to5 delta p

  • Fluid resistance = 120 mmhg (f1862).

  • Flammability =class 1 (16 CFR1610)

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